Team Management System

0bab™ 2.0

0bab (zero bab) is a light team management system (TMS) designed for managers who run multiple projects simultaneously. It is suitable for small and medium size organizations.

Key features:

  • Team management and task asignments
  • File attachments & rich text editing
  • Intuitive dashboard and warning indicators
  • Language localization (optional)
  • Tags for risk management and other purposes
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktops
  • Meets security standards

Why Zero-bab?

Oversee multiple projects at a glance: Our warning indicators help mangers spot issues, focus on what is important, and progress accordingly.

Tags for Risk Management: Managers can create tags for each identified risk and apply those tags to related tasks. This feature allows a fast response to risks as they occur. In such case, managers can filter out tagged tasks and consider them in their mitigation plans.

We Keep it Simple: The less effort a TMS requires, the more productive your work can be. Our moto “less frontend, more backend” says it all; while our users only need a minimum interaction with the TMS, the TMS will do a lot work for them.

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